Prior to her departure to Cairo, Egypt for the winter, we had the opportunity to sit down and grab a drink with Zeina, of the project label HushLamb, to get a fuller understanding of the woman behind the fierce minimal techno image.

Proudly representing the influential and independent family of Hushlamb, Zeina's journey started almost immediately after leaving the Middle East. Holding her roots close, Zeina expressed her joy in finding "access to the subcultures" for the first time upon her departure from her homeland. Very recently receiving her Canadian citizenship, a slight Arabic accent rolled off her tongue as she charismatically explained her tale. "I really feel like North America has been good to me. As much as I love my roots and I'm super proud, it's sort of this world of opportunity and it's made me such a hunter. I'm always hunting for new music, new ways to make music… I'm so grateful to be somewhere that nourishes my creative spirit," she added.

Opening her journey in Ireland, Zeina found herself travelling numerous times to London to enjoy their nightlife. Though, as her education in law directed her towards San Francisco, she shifted from the London scene to that in found in Toronto, where she met her existing HushLamb family. As she conspicuously flipped her trademark blonde pixie haircut, she expressed her gratitude towards whom she deems as the "label mamas", Alicia Hush and Sarah Lamb. "I had my start in Toronto with these amazing girls and everything I sort of loved about music was how they approached it," she nostalgically remembered.


When Zeina understood that her time in Toronto was coming to a close, she found herself relocating and integrating into the city of Montreal. Originally deciding that she would give up mixing upon her arrival, she took a slight pause and gravitated towards production. Slowly regaining her balance, she took up her passion for mixing once again. "The one thing I can always count on is my intuition. Mistakes were made but it's always nice to follow that thing inside of you and when its right, it's a really great feeling," she elaborated. And with that, coincidentally, also came the shift of HushLamb's residency in Toronto to Montreal a year later, opening doors for both the non-profit organization and Montreal's dance floor. Always finding the joy in every situation, she feels that "Montreal has a really good dance floor. We have really great, awesome, intellectual, fun people who cheer… And people who clap. I think that's really special."

Dominating a male-centric career, she brushed her shoulder at the thought of the statistics. Constantly surrounded by driven and powerful women, the idea that paving this career path could have been difficult for women to grow in fame fades beyond her realm of thought. Inspired by the likes of Margret Dygas and Sonja Moonear, she continually brings equality and pride to the decks. Beyond representing the HushLamb label, Zeina stands an inspiration for fans, young and old, with her empowering demeanour and capability to rise above all obstacles.

Respectful and modest, the ladies involved in HushLamb have realized that the energy they want to bring to events must also be the energy they put out. That feeling of security and organization involved in being at a HushLamb event is the reaction towards the amount of effort involved in curating the night. As she puts it, "When it comes from a pure place, it translates really well." Closing our discussion, she warmly adds that the HushLamb label have been doing what they do for over 10 years now, and always promising the same spirit dedicated to every forthcoming event.

Get a taste of Zeina's sound here: