In the heart of the Sahara, two days and two nights will be dedicated to create a bridge between ancestral ritualistic music installed in Tunisia since centuries and it's repercussions in contemporary electronic music.
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In the heart of the landscape of South Tunisian dunes, a small paradise opens it's doors. For two days, December 30th until 31st 2014, the Ksar Ghilane’s oasis will be transformed into a village where the festival attendees will live an unbelievable experience. Alongside the musical program and trip, the geographical marks will be part of this experience.

KSAR GHILANE / This oasis of South Tunisia gets it's name from the fort dating to Roman Epoch, Tisavar, located on the limit of the desert. The dominant climate is desert. All through the year, rain is technically inexistant. The average temperature being 20.5℃. Ksar Ghilane is no longer hard to access, it is connected by an asphalt road from Douz to Matmata.

The region serves as a refuge for more than fifty nomad families who depend on the agriculture of palm trees and dates, the raising of goats and sheep, and of course of a growing touristic activity. Reputed to be the most meridional of the Tunisian oasis, Ksar Ghilane shelters a source of warm water, irrigating the oasis by a system of seguias that have appeasing thermal virtues.

Under the tamari trees, bathing is possible during the summer as well as the winter. Here, we can also find a few points of drinking and eating destinations that circle the source to assure the comfort of the visitors. The Tunisian government kept count of the properties of this place, and in 2012 proposed it to UNESCO for a classification on the list of world patrimony. And there is definitely no lack in activities at this gate of the desert: quad rides, bike rides, horse back riding and camel back riding.

As for the campings, they blend in the landscape as Berberes tents, respectful of the ways of life of the inhabitants and of the environment. A host house and a ranch with private rooms was recently added to the camps to create a community proper to the oasis.

The selection of artists that will perform during this event was hand made to answer one objective: the sharing of a sensibility for music and the desire to create together a creative synergy around the roots of traditional musics. With Abdullah Rashim headlining the event alongside acts such as Bedouin, Brenn & César and Cleric, MAWU plans to bring a long line-up of local Tunisian artists as well. The esseance of MAWU is to develop connections between artists and possibly create long term collaborations.

Abdulla Rashim, Brenn & César, Cleric, Catherin, Ogra, Benjemy, Znaidi, Unity, Aly Mrabet Chabbouba, Hal 9000, Seif and Moez will be accompanying you in bringing in the New Year!
Get a better understanding of the expected line-up here.

- The MAWU team

ECHOisONE would like to wish our friends in Tunisia the best of luck in bringing together new and innovative concepts in geographically stunning areas. Incorporating spaces, sounds and energies, MAWU could possibly set new standards for event hosting in the region, as well as surrounding regions.