With the opening of local hot-spot, Werkstatt, came a movement from the underground electronic music community of Montreal. Within the heart of industrial Montreal, Werkstatt inadvertently offers a safe and secure location for DJ's and producers alike to forego their musical journey and continue to expand and practice their art. More than just a space, the loft complex's gritty, graffiti filled exterior is just as consuming as the single loft space under the alias of Werkstatt. Closely situated to a train-track and abandoned warehouse spaces, it has gained a reputation as an artistic-based loft space since it's official opening last year.

The biggest difference that lies between Werkstatt and other local venues within the city is the artistic freedom allowed within the space. Rather than guiding the direction of music that DJ's have to offer, those behind Werkstatt allow full freedom of expression behind the decks. Sounds ranging across the spectrum of house to techno can be found within the four walls of this homey, comfortable party pad. A shift occurred within the local scene when it dawned to event organizers that there was a space available that did not come with the stringent over-looking of booking managers, whom's first concern is the money. Rather than seeking profit, Werkstatt has always pushed forth the smaller local names, giving time and space for those interested to be able to play in an intimate, yet public, setting; to express oneself with feedback, minus the scrutiny for not having a colossal fan base.

With it's community-based beginning, Werkstatt was originally the home-base of a local party attendee. Parties stretch from 10PM until the early hours of 7-10AM, but it isn't the typical abrupt ending, similar to a club, that includes a bouncer that tosses clients to the curb on the last beat of the track. No, not Werkstatt. Here, you can find a safe haven to die down from your trip and find reality before it's shoved directly into your face with a brisk cold winter-air and blinding sun light. Werkstatt has always had the pleasure of hosting their comrades a place to feel comfortable, at home and above all else, happy.

If you've ever run into any of the individual's behind the scenes of Werkstatt, you'll understand why it is that this venue is a home-away-from-home. When it dawned to us that those handling the bookings, equipment, set up and everything else imaginable were also the people working at the bar, doors and security, it clicked that these guys actually care! From the beginning of the night straight until the closing of the venue, the city has been graced with Bibi, Yan and Feres keeping everything under control. Often viewed as the "Werkstatt Family", these three hard working individuals want to incorporate the idea that everyone within the space is part of the family. Without the dancers, the DJs and the VJs, the atmosphere could never reach the potential of significance that it currently portrays.

We'd like to wish luck the team of Werkstatt for all future events, as well as a congratulatory pat on the back for bringing forth a place to be individualistic and real. Thank you for hosting an entire year of building friendships, happiness and spectacular music - this is exactly what the city needed,

If you haven't checked out this space yet, make it an initiative to attend their "After One Year" this Saturday, November 29. Honouring us on the decks will be Massyl, dull and an unannounced special guest. See you on the dance floor!

Enjoy some photos and video re-caps of events hosted at Werkstatt, captured and edited by Seif Bourguiba of Raggamuffin Prod.


Give a listen to the DJ's being hosted on Friday night:

May Nguyen