With 2014 coming to a close and giving way to a new arbitrary chapter of our lives, we sit back and recollect all the moments that made us smile, laugh and cry. The sentimental emotions expressed during count-down open doors to a new palette on which to work.

In order to give thanks to a beautiful year passed, we took a moment to reflect on the times that moved us and compiled a short list of our favourite subjects surrounding the electronic music realm.


Top 10 Montreal events of 2014
1. Ricardo Villalobos for MUTEK
2. Minilogue for AVANT MUTEK
3. Giegling Showcase for Psychic Driving
4. Nils Frahm for Festival International de Jazz de Montreal
5. Basic Soul Unit for Raw Feelings
6. Trentemoller at Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre
7. Voices From the Lake for MUTEK
8. Donato Dozzy and Move D for Piknic Electronik
9.  Livio and Roby at Stereo
10. Levon Vincent at Igloofest


Top 5 artists of 2014
1. Gasometric Run
2. Marko Fürstenberg
3. Radu Mirica
4. Loquace
5. Yanee


Top 10 Record Labels of 2014
1. Field Records
2. Sensual Records
3. Soulsity Records
4. ESHU Records
5. Body Parts
6. Alboratory
7. Deep Tech Records
8. Moral Fiber
9. Giegling
10. Kina Music


Top 5 reflections of 2014
1. What others are doing is irrelevant... Focus on yourself and your own goals.
2. Produce, play and write for yourself and your art will grow organically.
4. Working in a team always produces more perspectives.
5. Understand fully what your vision is before starting.


...What moved you?