Upwellings has a series of respectable dub explorations released on labels of various nature, from the netlabels Schall and Klique, to Moshitaka, Amplusens, the abandoned goldmine ZeECc, and recently on Telrae, Traum's dub branch. Going by the real name Vincent Raude, Upwellings is no foreigner to Telrae on which he debuted with his Zu Zürich Dubs EP last year.

Dubbin' At The Strobe brings out a highly enjoyable, yet subtle, deviation from the traditional dub DNA, perhaps presenting Vincent's constant evolution as a producer.

The A-side “A Dubbin' At The Strobe Feat. Michael Zerang” is the blend of Vincent's artistic spirit and the talent of Michael Zerang, a percussionist, improviser, and composer of various styles, although most known for his focus on jazz. One becomes instantly surrounded by the hypnotic drum textures, atemporal, gently improving your body's dynamic with each beat. The sounds easily occupy all the space they are given, setting up a playground for Vincent's electronic sounds and Michael's variations; terrific mood.

On the other side comes a contemplative, aquatic piece; gentle sounds of roaring waves on a beach, distant voices, fused with the ever-so-loved dub sounds. Lighthouse Dub lives up to its name, carefully illustrating the romanticism of a lighthouse – solitary, everlasting, peaceful – guiding your spirit on a tranquil journey; metaphorically, whether your ship just docked in the harbour, or you are preparing for a sail. Definitely a deeply emotional and personal experience is attempted in this piece.

Upwellings crafts well-thought-out and effective dub landscapes, sometimes reminding us of his passion for reggae. His creations were charted by the likes of Cio D'Or (who also released on Telrae), Laurent Garnier, Alexkid, and he shared labels space with Basicnoise, Freund der Familie, Martin Schulte to name a few.

Originally releasing exclusively on vinyl, you can purchase the release here.

Filip Popescu