A techno legend that has been distant from the commercial realm for almost a decade, Steve Bicknell will be headlining a 12-hour New Year's Eve rave in the heart of Montreal. Veteran DJ of London's LOST parties, Steve Bicknell's name rolls off the tongues of the young and old, as his legend is deeply engrained in techno's history. Bicknell's LOST parties span the explosion of the British electronic music scene and Cycle 2015 will soon bring those moments to a dance floor near you.

Allowing our echos to reverb off of the spacious walls of a Concordia conference room, I sat down with Daniel Nerenberg to discuss his deepest desires for his newly launched non-profit organization. Collectif Cycle Numérique is a base set to aid the underground electronic scene of Montreal in bringing unique local and international talent to a legally organized environment.

As he continually expressed his adamant desires for this pet project to give back to a community to dear to him, Nerenberg was quick to promise that every penny earned would go directly back into a fund for forthcoming events. As he articulated,

“Money is not going to be an issue, and that’s kind of my goal. There are passionate people that want to do events but they lack resources. So if we enable those people to do those events and take away that one element that causes the most stress for anybody, which is ‘Am I going to get paid?’ To take that away from that hustle, then you’re going to create something that is gonna be sustainable and I think everyone will gain from it. For me, its also about putting money back into the scene.”

This entire realm of underground music escapes his everyday life as an IT consultant, allowing Daniel to peruse his goals in music without directly tying it to his own source of income. With this, the overall goal of Collectif Cycle Numérique is to bring a community of respectful music fans and dancers together for a unique and memorable experience every time.

As Daniel meticulously outlined his desires for Cycle to run smoothly, he humbly sat back dwindling his thumbs excitedly thinking about what may possibly become his most memorable night. From the entry way to the line up situations and dedicated smoking areas, Daniel's keen touch for organization sets Cycle 2015 apart from other bigger scaled events that have not been able to handle tough situations. Daniel explained that he is aiming for "that feeling of having that unique and special experience; where everything is articulated. Because one of the interesting things that's happened is there are some events where people feel like it's just 'Get in here and be inside'. It kind of feels like the vibe is not being cultivated. You want to have people feeling like its a cohesive experience, where everyone is at some level experiencing the same thing together."

However, Nerenberg hastily referred back to the fact that he can't pull this off without the continual help of others. Admitting that his positives lie within organizing, he relied much on Paul Trafford's ear for the event's masterfully curated line-up. From the chill room to the main stage, each artist has a specific reason to be featured. As the term "cycle" refers to the never ending cycle of life in all manners, Daniel and Paul thought to highlight all generations of life and music in the event. From Steve Bicknell's techno Godfather-like image and long time techno veteran Mateo Murphy to emerging stars such as Adam Solomon and Alessandroid, Cycle 2015 aims to bring together all of the generations in one night, under the same roof. Bringing back to life the concept of the chill room, Booma Collective will be gracing the special second room set-up with their eternal ambient sounds; from Solpara to Valentin Stip, Trafford created a connection between each DJ on the line-up to show us the endless cycle of sounds and styles.

A moment in our talk that emanated through me was his remark, "I'm passionate about creating the experience and putting this together. It's purely a compassion thing, it's purely 'this is what we love and this is what we're doing'. We're trying to keep as much of the superfluous influences of the world out of it, so that we can really just deliver on that promise of the vibe that we want to communicate." What captures me is exactly his outlook on how organizer's actions and intent will curate exactly how party goers will feel upon entering the event.

"I just love New Years," Daniel explained. So what better way to celebrate, than with a passionate team of organizers, long line-up of local talent and world-class techno pioneer, Steve Bicknell?

For tickets: www.cycle2015.com

A small preview of the sounds to be displayed: