We sat down with the organizers and founders of Collectif Nebulae ahead of their Qo #1 event to discover a little more about their passions. In a re-renovated garage, pushed to the outskirts of Rosemont metro's abandoned fields and warehouses, we walked into the middle of a spectacular art project. With lights hanging from ceilings and unfinished paintings scattering the walls, the crew of Nebulae was in full-force for their event the following night. Taking us on a tour of the hand-crafted venue, done by NoBassNoFun, we were taken aback by the amount of effort put into curating their set up.

Aspiring for a culture outside the norm, the founders of Nebulae are discovering their calling through the experience of different fields of arts and finding evokes touches their senses. Exposing the lives and tales of historic artists in a setting beyond the average four white walls and pretentious silence, Nebulae aims to offer a playground of history and truth through a combination of audio-visual installations. "Due to different copyright issues, we are not able to touch into modern art. However, the beauty in learning and displaying 'patrimonial artists' comes from discovering and making history fun and interesting," the founders explained.

Simon, Nebulae's artistic director and co-founder, has a fascination for expression through words. Understanding that a picture is worth a million words, Simon integrates the fact that a million words are equally equivalent to a million words. In this perspective, vigorous attention is placed on the history and information of the artists he chooses to present. With blurbs regarding the artists' country of origin, style, life-line and general biography, Simon creates a light of either humour, intelligence or whatever fits the playing field. Learning more with every historic artist he discovers, Simon expressed his gratitude in being able to build this non-profit organization, on the grounds of experience and knowledge he is receiving with every project.

Qo. #1 is their launch for their concept of night-life directed events, put in place to promote their original concept. When Nebulae was formed 6 months ago, they had all intentions to have a fun and open atmosphere around hand made structures, and art work being displayed alongside electronic music. "Qo." referring to the Middle Ages Latin symbol of a question mark (?), is the night set to aid in promoting and hinting at the artist they plan to feature. With Qo. #1, came a packed line-up of local talents, including the ECHOisONE and Human Pause's co-founders.

Upon entering the venue, a well-mannered, respectful and stern security guard gave us our simple rules of the night and sent us off on our adventure. Led into the intimate room we had seen the night before, it was obvious the late night work pulled off after we left our initial interview. Projectors firing onto different surfaces and fresh paintings being displayed showed their desires to involve all aspects of the artistic realm. Bravo to the team of Nebulae; you brought together a very specific and immerse environment. Stay tuned to see how the team will conceptualize and present Frida Kahlo during their upcoming exhibition - NEBULAE - EN MORCEAU (VAN DID - DEBBIE DOE - SINONIM)!

May Nguyen