Only until the morning of September 18th, 2015 did we, as a team, learn how to stick together and work past our fatigue. With the first edition of the Bacchanale Festival under way, the team of ECHOisONE got behind the wheel and brought together the two official after parties. Both Archivist and Marko Fuerstenberg bringing a small gift from their hearts, we present to you the finale of 48HRS +counting. 


With Archivist of Seattle's secondnature. label headlining our first night, we had the opportunity to discuss the basics behind his structure, sound and life.

Photos: Seif Bourguiba

What inspires your music?

My music is inspired by my surroundings. That can be nature, the city, or events in my life. It just depends on how I'm feeling when I sit down to write. More often than not it's melancholy and sad feelings that inspire me to work on music, but sometimes it can be positive. 

In which context would you prefer to play a live vs a DJ set?

For me, DJ sets and live sets have very different contexts. DJ sets are all about the party, so I’d rather play a DJ set at a really energetic party where people are having fun and dancing. I think live sets work better when the atmosphere in the room is more focused and people are paying closer attention to the music. DJ sets can be much more wild and spontaneous than a live set can be, so live sets work better when the crowd knows what they are getting. They are both really fun, but in very different ways.

Who are you outside of your musical identity?

 Music is such a big part of my life that sometimes I forget that I do other things. I’m a student studying audio engineering at a college here in Seattle. I own a cat. My partner and I are really into food and restaurants, so we go out and try new ones quite frequently. We also like to cook and drink wine. 

How did you find your sound? Was there a moment or an artist/track?

As a DJ, a big moment for me was when Eric Cloutier played his first (of two) all-night sets here in Seattle. I was glued to the dance floor for seven or eight hours and I barely noticed when the sun came out. That night taught me how to be an adventurous DJ and that you can keep a party rolling really hard without sacrificing quality in the music. As a producer, Donato Dozzy has always been a guiding light. He has a record called “K” on the Seattle label Further Records that I’m still returning to over and over. 

Who else should we look out for in Seattle (not part of secondnature.)?

Shout-out to my friends US41, Conduit, and Rmakk, who have recently started their own live broadcast and mix series, Free Axis. I also think more people should know about Bardo:Basho. She makes lush, gorgeous, meditative techno, usually really slow, and she creates eerie, chilling atmospheres with her voice. It’s perfect for the day after the party, especially if it’s raining.


Marko Fuerstenberg, whom played a live set for the second event, took the time out to record a DJ set podcast. Reigning from Leipzig, Germany, Marko's name can be found across music labels: Ornaments, a.r.t.less, echocord, Rotary-Cocktail and Thinner. Enjoy an hour of deep and dubby vibrations!

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