Tiefenrausch aims to musically reproduce the deep diving psychological phenomenon by the same name. Their 13th release has surfaced with a dynamic selection of tracks from Biodub, Upwellings, and Star_Dub, ready to take us on a trip filled with chords clusters, poignant kicks, and resonating basslines.

Varial by Biodub

Tiefenrausch brings a familiar name in this release, Biodub being a regular with them. What might be less known, however, is that Patrick Wurster occupies his time with numerous other musical activities, from being a drummer with several groups to occupying resident DJ positions in several clubs in Hannover, Germany. Furthermore, his releases have met labels such as Ki and Samuvar, with numerous DJ sets under his belt at festivals such as Fusion, 3000Grad or Deepfield.

In this release Biodub brings a rhythmic blend of sounds to the platter. The neverending chords in Varial definitely make us move, asserting their clear club-oriented nature. Biodub has constructed a dynamic, groovy, uplifting track, smoothly energizing the public with a constant build-up.

Subduction by Upwellings

Since the last time we had Upwellings on our site (I shall redirect you to our review of his Telrae release Dubbin’ at the Strobe), he had visited us in Montreal last year, and he had released his Tales From The Underworld EP on Tiefenrausch.

In this Progression EP release Vincent takes our bodies on a trip we’d never want to end. Chords fill up the space, with a gentle progression taking place. This soundscape is complemented by clear and strong claves and hats, building more with less.

Aeronaut by Star_Dub

Star_Dub is the dub techno dimension of Matthias Schildger’s musical expressivity, also known as Automatt, Matt Star, Cntrl, Starbug, and having released on labels such as Mainrecords (co-founder), Weave, Cocoon, International Freakshow, ZYX, Dubwax, Chiwax.

However, the majority of Star_Dub’s releases have been primarily on his label Star Dub, and this track is his first contribution to Tiefenrausch.

Star_Dub ends this release with a more relaxed audio architecture, yet maintains the release’s chord dominated, simplistic trend. Aeronaut focuses well on the available space, filling it with rich and resonating structures, completing the stylistic slice served here by Tiefenrausch.

Progression EP is a well executed collection of raw dub techno, showing the effectiveness of simple melodic elements, creating versatile soundscapes adapted to clubs and living rooms.

Interpretation by: Filip Popescu


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