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Silent Season has decided to release a decade long collection of deeper music, inspired by nature and ethereal sounds. This collection brought together artists from all over the world, exploring a rich palette of atmospheric and dub sounds. A collection to be enjoyed again and again.


SSX01_Earthen Sea - A Relentless Gaze


Earthen Sea, a.k.a. Jacob Long, has been greeting us with his creations since 2003, having released on labels such as Kranky, LL.M., Lovers Rock, Other People. Newcomer for Silent Season, yet dearly welcome within the label’s love for ethereal, aural sounds.

A Relentless Gaze is an exploration of the artist’s interpretation of the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, through his sounds; looking up at the sky supposed to bring awareness of our astronomical insignificance; showing gratefulness for what has happened so far to allow us to be here.

Whose gaze is relentless?

Thus a discourse is built with the spectators on the notions of the extra-terrestrial and time. 

The Sky is A Sea of Darkness emanates fantasy melodies, evolving chords, reminiscent of the beginning of a story. A dark, riveting  intro; a distant feeling of space, allowing us to fill it with our imagination. This track is an attention grabber, while gently directing the crowd towards a common goal; a certain relaxed tension.

Bells of Venus shares this common theme of space. Less physical, yet more spiritual; ritualistic even. A break from “life”. Theme of the intriguingly unknown, mystery.

Our Bloods sends dark, eerie, technological sounds. Idea of artificial?

Nostalgia? Affection? More emotional piece than others.

The Time Past is yet another game with time, having a long build-up, making us wait.

It engages with the crowd, communicating through melodies and sounds; inspiring hope for the future.

SSX02_BLNDR - Phased


Tom Huthwohl, even though producing since 2014, has already made a name for himself on labels such as Annulled (where he released his album Hypermental), Hypnus, Planet Rhythm, and Natch Elements. His dub, often sinister explorations are irresistible, blending in easily in his first Silent Season exposure.

His release, Phased, paints ethereal, dub works. Diverse, highly technical structures and audio landscapes. Space fillers. Moments of pause.

His tracks pass through a multitude of emotions and landscapes, from the calmness of a constant natural phenomenon, continuity, to feelings of abstraction, inquiry. His dynamic rhythms follow a successful recipe, ending with warmer feelings of curiosity; uplifting.

SSX03_Mosam Howieson - Untitled


Very well put-together structures and textures.

Mosam Howieson brings over 2 decades of musical artistry through his alias Idris, Mosam Howieson being his newest concept.

Overall, this release is a refreshing take on dub techno with gentle explorations into polyrhythms and vocalisations, giving a certain SF atmosphere. Among the melancholy and awe that he makes us feel, we wish for the trip to never end. Howieson’s creations are on their way to becoming instant classics.

Mosam combines many elements in his creations. For instance, I is an outstandingly diverse track, with a dark, vocal, crawling-under-skin baseline. It sets the tone for an extra terrestrial experience. Feels like a story, a discovery, gives a sense of exploration.

II maintains the persistent SF theme, with polythyrhms and rolling baseline.

III adds an acidic flavour with hints of dub, spacey vocals. In the end, IV paints a more tribal painting, yet still maintaining an urban feeling; the traditional facing the modern.

SSX04_Brendon Moeller - Arcadian Rhythms


Moeller is an accomplished producer, experimenting within several monikers (Echologist being my favourite), having released over 10 albums, and dozens of EPs and singles. His releases span over a large number of labels, too many to count.

Arcadian Rhythm has a common theme of unconventional and organic rhythms and textures.

Glow is a non-invasive, track, classy in nature. Organic sounds are complemented by the experimental. Overall it produces a psychological and physical experience.

Abondon has a darker tone, spreading a feeling of dread.

The Hike can be felt as the soundtrack for a trip’s beginning, illustrating the progression of emotions and landscape as the journey advances.

Yearning Man brings strength and passion through the well-defined sounds. A looming feeling of impatience is also broadcasted, as if a limit is being pushed.

SSX05_Odes Of The Kabatians - Varsovie



Not much is known of Odes of the Kabatians, except being of Canadian origin, and this being their first release. Interestingly, they chose to portray the emotions of a city with strong historical value. Warsaw has a history spanning over 1400 years, filled with war, fights for independence, and one of the most important battles in European history: the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 which granted Poland its independence from the Soviets. Is it an ode to those lost? A musical call to action, resonating with and raising the pride of Polish people?

Regardless of what you think their music means, it’s captivating, dynamic, emotional, to be put on repeat until your record breaks. Beautiful landscapes have been built, filled with emotions, engrossing, deep, yet strongly physical. 

Varsovie I is filled with nostalgia, loss, ephemeral memories, in deep emotions.

Varsovie II expresses itself dynamically; almost like a call to action through rough landscapes.

Varsovie III emanates a dancefloor feeling, making us forget about the world.

Varsovie IV is cozy, tribal. Like a warm blanket you put on. Its rolling, deep, and soothing rhythms make for a pleasant physical experience.

SSX06_Winter in June - Eternal Lovers


Winter in June (Nicola Tinti) joins Silent Season with his first release. A masterfully built collection of journeys through space and time, combining nostalgia with a sense of tension, almost as if being in a life or death situation, raising our awareness of our own mortality. Compelling audio landscapes!

Samariter is dark, it creates tension. It’s highly captivating, enthralling, and creates space for your emotions to roam. Despite this, it still allows you to keep your stoicism, as it’s a good platform to remain in your mind.

About Life and Death is a brief discussion on the nature of life and death. Pulse recorded from a machine means to make us aware of our mortality; is someone on their deathbed? In the end, we’re reminded to seize the day, and showing gratefulness for being alive.

The Party is Elsewhere has compelling yet conservative physical elements. Dark, tense, well complemented by an arpeggio landscape.

Dearly Beloved could very likely be one of the artist’s interpretation of an after-death experience. Macabre, dark, atmospheric. Easy to get under one’s skin.

Junian is a rather mysterious piece, its droning theme feeling more like an interlude than anything else.

SSX07_OWL - Blackstone


OWL is the work of Canadian Pierre Nesi, first time on Silent Season with a diverse collection of deep, ambiental works. His sounds feel like snapshots of short moments in time, or even musical descriptions of phenomena. His work under Pierre Nesi has been released mostly on the Berlin based Nord Label which has seen his OWL signature as well.

This Silent Season release has the typical OWL fingerprint, mysterious, dark, ambiental pieces of music working together to frame landscapes of Nesi’s creativity.


Fragment feels like an incomplete song. Unclear origin or meaning. A piece of melody lost in time and space.

Solar Wind comes at you with softness, kindness. It has a gentle push. Good nudge to start dancing or to the start of an atmospheric moment.

Blowing the Light is an accurate description of darkness, which is the main theme of this track. Eerie, captivating.

Innominate Horizon builds a cocoon of mystery, there’s awe, and the excitement of the unknown.

Lastly comes another of OWL’s experimentation into darkness. Blackstone is heavy, slow-paced; makes a relaxed ambience, to be listened at ease.

OWL’s Blackstone release is a statement, an experiment into audio cinematography. His landscapes are as easy to use in movies as they are capable of allowing you to fill the canvas with your own imagery.

SSX08_Docetism - Potential Natural Vegetation


Docetism is a Polish artist, having released over 30 EPs on their label Nichts since its conception in 2012.

Their recent release on Silent Season, first contact with this label, explores the connection between electronic music and Nature. Track names are inspired by scientific names of plants, notably beech tree forests and the drooping bittercress plant.

Inspired by nature, taking passion of music into the scientific realm of description.

Droning. Songs are longer parts split into twos.

This release has a theme of growth, evolution. The first parts of his works (Fagetum I and Pinetum I) seem to build musical descriptions of the plant and forest, while the second parts (Fagetum II and Pinetum II) adopt droning as a medium to illustrate awe.

Dentario enneaphyllidis is a reference to dentaria enneaphyllos, otherwise known as the drooping bittercress flower. Fagetum I is a beautiful walk through nature, combining clean synths and chirping birds. A constant droning background is explored, coming in the foreground in Fagetum II - the moment when the plant blooms.

Quercus is a genus in the beech family, the scientific name of the oak tree. Pinetum I uses the strength of the tree as a theme, having a deep, slightly tense atmosphere, announcing the presence of toughness. Pinetum II is the expression of what one feels when the forest is said to become alive. The chirping birds from Fagetum I return, and remind us that, although strong, forests are beautiful and delicate entities.

SSX09_Antenes - Shifting Zones


Antenes is known for building her own synths, manually constructing audio patterns, textures, and landscapes. Even though this New York based producer has just released her 2nd EP on Silent Season, she has attracted the eyes and ears of L.I.E.S., Juno, Fridman Gallery NYC in Atlas Theatre, Phormix, and NTS, having been featured in Fact Magazine’s Week’s Best Mixes column. She is currently an Artist in Resident at Issue Project Room, co-sponsored by the famous research company Bell Labs. Definitely a name to follow.

Dream Uncreates the Land is an eerie, dark, otherworldly landscape, having an almost ritualistic dimension. Dynamic baseline, engrossing atmosphere.

In contrast, Take Me To The Birds adopts an almost meditative state; potentially a machine attempting to replicate the natural sounds of birds chirping. A feeling of space is constructed.

Last, but not least, Metra Train, Chicago continues the ghastly tendencies of Antenes with an industrially sounding landscape, framed by unexpected rhythms and patterns.

SSX10_ASC - Eccentric Orbits


Alias of Jason Clements, ASC has received much praise over the last 2 decades. This constantly growing support allowed him to focus on imprints such as Covert Operations Recordings, Auxiliary, Veil, and Diode. 16 albums, over 98 EPs, and countless DJ mixes later, ASC simply keeps growing. Highly prolific, and experimenting with various flavours of techno over the years, Jason is one of the master crafters of electronic music.

In this Silent Season release, he explores the dynamic potential of dubby techno, with rolling baselines, clean synths, captivating, nostalgic, and almost magical sounds, mastered to perfection.

Cerulean is dominated by a pumping, driving bassline. A highly physical experience with elements of spirituality assured by the ethereal pads. Cerulean is also the name of tints raging between blue and azure; potentially referencing our own Blue Planet.

Dimension 1010 has a SF tone to it, with rolling rhythms, clean synths, and space filling vocoders.

Enchanted dives into a mystical world of organic sounds, with the common theme of driving rhythms and baselines; an overall emphasis on the lower end of the audio frequency.

Molniya is the word describing a type of elliptical orbits adopted by man-made satellites. The repeating hats can be seen as mimicking a satellite’s signal as it moves through space.

Eccentric Orbits definitely explores the theme of Earth exploration from an external point of view, using advanced technology, while questioning our position in the universe.


This 10 Year Anniversary Collection released by Silent Season is a fantastic essay describing their artistic niche. From natural recorded sounds to artificial replicas, SSX10 is a passionate illustration of the connection between man and nature using ethereal and ephemeral musical moments.

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Interpretation by: Filip Popescu


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