REVIEW: Vuo records / Tampere mood series Vol 4


REVIEW: Vuo records / Tampere mood series

Vuo Records brings out Volume 4 in their Tampere Mood Series, showcasing artists from around Tampere, Finland, deep within their mystical woods. Vuo's first release took place over a decade ago, in 2003, where DJ Shuffle (a.k.a. Jukka Hänninen, Tm Shuffle) and Melina (a.k.a. Lauri Leino) made their debuts. The label then took an extended break of 13 years before releasing vuo002 with Shuffless, a duo taking inspiration from "legendary techno and house cities" to which they bring their Finnish touch. They now return and join Lauri Leino, Kalle-M, and Tm Shuffle in the third Vuo Records release; this is an unforgettable walk in the woods.

Little information is available on Shuffless, other than the members most likely presently being Jukka Hänninen and Mika Hanka, strongly active in Finland's nightlife.

Their contribution to vuo003 is Teisko Nights, named after the nature rich municipality. A deep, acid influenced track, going straight to the hearts of anyone who's listening, suitable for a morning stroll in the woods.

Without warning, the track makes a statement with a powerful, slightly dirty drum line, and a gently coarse base line, waking up the blood in our veins. Dreamy pads remind us to look for the beauty around us, as the melody envelops and starts painting wonderful imagery. Each melodic part has a beautifully crafted role with strong analog presence. Very potent deep track, setting up the mood for what's to come.

Lauri Leino takes the second listing with Alone in Detroit.

An immediately dynamic and rhythmic track, clean sound design, and coherent elements. A deep, rolling rhythm track, delicate melodies, highly physical. Percussion elements are sparsely brought up, giving a light beach atmosphere we all seek during summer. Lauri aims to put us out of our minds and into our bodies, allowing us to lose ourselves in her creative spirit. A welcoming track, keeping up our heart beats, reminding us how dancing is one of the spices of life. Maybe being alone in Detroit isn't as scary as it sounds.

The next audio choreography comes from Kalle-M. Kalle made his debut as early as 2004 on Iron Box Music. Since, he's experimented on Frozen North, Wordless, Phonocult, Frisbee to name a few, on which he developed deep, atmospheric, romantic, techno landscapes. His addition to vuo003 rests true to this description.

Lost in Kemi, the Finnish city in Lapland, stands out quickly from the first two with its darker tones, and strong late-night techno influenced sounds. Panning, obscure sounds, raising a certain awareness of the surrounding environment, rather reminiscent of feeling lost in the woods. Tension is constant, as the developing melody and sounds make us wonder "what's going to happen next?".

All seems to end well with this final piece from Tm Shuffle.

A DJ since 1991, Tm Shuffle has been producing predominantly either house or techno tracks since 1998, releasing on labels such as Frozen North, Paper Jet, Subself, Wordless. In his addition to this release, he references Kuivaamo, a club in Tempere in a renovated factory hall to which Jukka takes off his hi-hat in respect.

Kuivaamo Dub starts out with a rolling rhythm, effective at dictating our hearts' bpm. Its hypnotising beat follows a successful dub recipe with reverb-filled sounds giving the impression of volume, and an intelligent, synergistic choice of sounds, with a melody capable of soothing even the wildest of spirits.

Vuo003 brings a delightful choice of Finnish dub sounds, encouraging the development of a harmonious connection to nature and one’s environment. An unique audio ecosystem which is long overdue for overseas migration.

interpretation by Filip B. Popescu

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