A1 Baaz - Burgundy  A2 Idealist - Why Did You Come Here  B1 Thomas Wood - Rough Road  B2 Christoph Schindling - Most Important   Out Now! 

A1 Baaz - Burgundy

A2 Idealist - Why Did You Come Here

B1 Thomas Wood - Rough Road

B2 Christoph Schindling - Most Important

Out Now! 

Idealistmusic record label is an impressive little bag of gems from Switzerland. Founded by Idealist in 2012, its titles have been charted by the likes of Andrey Pushkarev [Endless, LesIzmo:r], Dana Ruh [Cocoon, Ostgut Ton], Noir [Get Physical, Suara], Burnski [Constant Sound], Kenneth Christiansen [Echocord, Pattern Repeat], Steve Bug [Marine Parade, Poker Flat] among others. Its arsenal contains names such as Dub Taylor, Thomas Wood, Pablo Mateo, SCSI-9 which have been supported over the years.

In the 8th release in this Idealistmusic series, the label brings some fresh air with Baaz [Freund der Familie, Quintessentials] and Christoph Schindling [3rd Wave, Section 27], as well the wisdom of label veteran Thomas Wood [TW Limited, Foul & Sunk] and the founder himself, Idealist [Echocord, Tiefenrausch].


First up we have Baaz's label debut, Burgundy.

This year marks 10 years from his first ever release on Sthlmaudio, the highly acclaimed Granular Senses EP. He was later discovered by Daniel Bell who released more of his work on the Elevate label. What few people know, however, is that Berlin based Baaz has over 19 years of DJing history behind him. This experience has allowed him to develop his story-building skills, both in sets and in his music creation.

This desire to create story arcs is audible in "Burgundy". The piece starts with delicate melodies and barely perceptible voices, creating an instant social and dynamic atmosphere, filling space with life. Pads follow up in pleasant synergy with the melodies and rhythm, hinting at an ephemeral sense of mindfulness which continues until the end. A sweet and effective track for bringing people back in the moment.

On the A2 we have Idealist's Why Did You Come Here?.

With over a decade of music production experience, Idealist has explored a large spectrum of sounds and labels, from the netlabels Schall and Deepindub, to Tiefenrausch, Pro-Tez, Echocord, and Broque to name a few. With all this exploration, he finally decided to establish his own sounds through Idealistmusic. The 7th release, Firewood Street LP, received significant attention from the scene, as his creations appeared to be a sincere declaration of love for the deep aspect of techno.

Why Did You Come Here? is an interesting melodic chameleon. The piece debuts with a dreamy arpeggio sequence, and the question "Why did you come here?". Instead of the overused repetitive vocals trend used in electronic music, Idealist integrated a quick dialogue between two entities. Steadily, another voice takes the scene answering the question with "I came here to tell you about the rhythm." At the same time, the melody morphs into a powerful, dynamic sequence, highly physical, and in strong contrast with the track's initial state. Given the medium of this artwork, one can think of this track as a break in the 4th wall: does the dialogue take place between the public and the song in the context of a DJ mix, or is the track given self-awareness about its duality? Regardless of what the truth is, Idealist has definitely created a piece with impact beyond the sound realm, reaching our psyche and playing games with it, directly affecting the body; a physical response is triggered from both the melodic change and the audio content.

Thomas Wood has the first word on the B side with his Rough Road.

Tracking down his first release in 2012 on the Total Life Music [TLM] label, Thomas seems to have a relatively high affinity for secrecy. Despite a respectable track record of 15 releases in the past 5 years, not much is known of this Switzerland based producer. From history, Thomas has a definite attraction towards the funky and soulful aspects of house and techno with releases on Foul & Sunk, and God Made Us Funky Records. His exploration into the techno realm has lead him several times to Idealist, this being his third release on this imprint.

In a few words, this track can be summarised as an effective motivational tool. Thomas' passion for soulful sounds resonates in this creations with highly uplifting melodies. Delicate piano moments behind constant chords give "Rough Road" positive energy and a dynamic nature. Between the track name and melodic essence, this can certainly ba a "use in case of" situational song, with a strong punch.

On the B2 the self-proclaimed musicfreak Christoph Schindling takes the stage with Most Important.

Christopher has been on the scene since the '90s, having released his work on a large number of labels, and even self-releasing material through bandcamp. His passion for his work is clearly seen considering he has even given away his work for free. His expertise surrounds ambient, dub, techno, with occasional glitch and dubstep influences, some reserved for his AtOm_AnT alias. For those so inclined, Christopher's sounds definitely deliver a vast audio palette and an unique take on the genres.

Most Important doesn't give away its essence immediately, the rhythm build-up is delicate, and starts with a down-to-earth beat. Not too long after, a series of spacey sequences appear, giving this piece a significant dimensional boost. Once this veil is removed, a constant build-up of space continues. The steady flow of space anchored to the grounded baseline makes for an ideal building frame for our own imaginary personal space in which the body and spirit can let go under the surrounding audio influence. This song can take as many forms as there are people listening.

Continuing the Idealistmusic release series, Go One’s Way delivers remarkably effective dub sounds with a pleasant spectrum of melodies and rhythms. It advances the themes of living and contemplating one’s life, pushing through the hardship, remaining grounded and mindful of the moment. To be experienced fully!

interpretation by Filip B. Popescu

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