The 7th release in the Stardub VA series exposes the talents of Lo-Dub, Sebastien Habben, both being no strangers to Star Dub Records, Adam Solomon, and a rather recent collaboration between CNTRL & Achieve.

Lo-Dub debuted its release on Stardub in the 5th VA series with Dubtake 1, and now it’s back with a second version. Dubtake 2 starts as a study in controlled chaos with a series of sounds reminiscent of the power of Nature, rich and overwhelming in imagery. As it evolves, the rhythm makes itself slowly present, giving us a certain illusion of control over our bodies. Together with the low bass, we are put through an unique physical experience.

On the A2 we have Sebastian Habben’s Amsterdam, starting with a powerful and steady rhythm; soothing, deep, and dynamic. Its strong bass complements the structure and fills the frequency range. The vocal sampling gives the track a SF feeling, and together with acid-tinted pad landscapes, the notion of space and exploration (of our bodies? our environment?) is narrated. Overall, the artist is showing a multi-faceted, effective use of minimal audio elements and melodies.

The B1 showcases our local Adam Solomon’s Bright creation. Adam’s choice in sounds and rhythm immediately raises a certain level of alertness and dynamism. It’s a recipe creating an effective, matter-of-fact, dub landscape well framed by the emotional pads. Its subtle hints of acid and industrial, both known to be abrasive genres, are productive of an illuminated portrait meant to open our eyes and move our bodies. An evolving, technical piece with great rhythm continuity; highly accessible.

Last, but not least, we have the unnamed B2 piece by CNTRL & Achieve. A rolling, thunderous, example of dub with an unforgettable baseline. Subtle and smooth synths in the background give this piece a delicate dimension, just enough to keep us grounded. It’s a satisfying physical experience, enveloping the public in synergistic sounds, effectively producing the illusion of space both through the choice of sounds and effects.

by: Filip B. Popescu

Release coming soon

Label: Star Dub


Adam Solomon

Sebastian Habben


CNTRL & Achieve


Christian Schildger

Sara Mosco