Very precise music, almost chirurgical, with a great flow of basses on the low end, this is what Dani and Felipe are bringing to us this time after the last release on Melisma, with Ricardo Villalobos and Argenis Brito. Great sounds of thought and concentration on this one, keeping it old school with a nice ambience of an analog drum machines. We are able to enjoy some very futuristic mids and highs which nicely transform from almost acoustic sounds to year 3000, synthetic waves which go as the great spiral, back and forward at sonic speed, giving us sometimes the leisure (or "Ocio" in spanish) to enjoy the fast life like a rally around our blue planet.

This swiss chilean duo has once again proven to be leading the game not only in South America but around the world. They have each developed a solid style of production, this classy EP is now on presale on Decks Records and Subwax Distribution.

Interpretation by Dm

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