Launching the platform of ECHOisONE was an unnerving task, as there was uncertainty about whether the growing independent scene of Montreal needed a new member or not. Putting together our first podcasts and writing from our hearts were some of the simpler steps. The most nerve racking part of this whole trip was the stomach turning prior to the launch party… "Whose going to show up? Are people actually interested in our work? What if it goes to disarray?" These are the questions we've learned to expel from our hearts, as they will do nothing but bring us down. The keys to our success came from believing and not pushing content we didn't truly love. And with this came a mind blowing first event!

With much anticipation, we are excited to present to you the video re-cap done by Raggamuffin Productions! Thank you to Seif Bourguiba for the jaw dropping representation of a shining night. Keep up with our collective as we have so many more parties, podcasts, articles and surprises coming out. As always, thank you to each and every of our friends and fans for the endless support; it's this that keeps us energized and focused to bring you new and interesting material!