Dance music holds a firm grasp on the current adolescent generation for various reasons. These include but are not limited to a love for music, dancing, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends and the simple joy of a fun night out. But is it too much to ask of clubbers to act with dignity and consideration towards others?

We are not here to judge; being promiscuous is not frowned up  but the dance floor is a sacred place built on principles of acceptance. We have personally witnessed people groping strangers on the dance floor and frankly, it’s disturbing. Befriending a person using proper manners and leaving the party together is a different story. Unacceptable behaviour includes touching or grabbing without permission and stalking; this needs to end.

Everyone deserves to feel respected; it’s not a matter of being up-tight, but a case of knowing what is invasive. Help us create a movement towards respect on the dance floor and we can all be a part of a new era of partying.

May Nguyen