REVIEW: R2P025 - Rue de Plaisance

Featuring: Gaffarel & Varoslav - Sco

RUE DE PLAISANCE RECORDS this time from the old city of light, with sounds from the future and ancient past is coming from space and hitting us with some straight up haze, very mental, fine beats some would say, projected from the astros with the power of the scorpion get ready for a 20min "voyage".

REVIEW: Tampere mood series vol 4

Featuring: Vuo Records

Vuo003 brings a delightful choice of Finnish dub sounds, encouraging the development of a harmonious connection to nature and one’s environment. An unique audio ecosystem which is long overdue for overseas migration.

REVIEW: Idealistmusic 08

Featuring: Go One's Way - Idealistmusic - Various Artists

Continuing the Idealistmusic release series, Go One’s Way delivers remarkably effective dub sounds with a pleasant spectrum of melodies and rhythms. It advances the themes of living and contemplating one’s life, pushing through the hardship, remaining grounded and mindful of the moment. To be experienced fully!

UNVEILED: MUTEK 18th Edition

First wave of artists

MUTEK Montreal Grows up and out for its 18th Edition. International festival celebrating digital creativity and electronic music. Enjoy six days of performances put on by local and international artists, both indoors and out, in multiple venues in the heart of Montréal.

Durocher in DUB

Review: ECHOisONE & Fundamentals presents Upwellings [Live] 20/01/17

This story never ended. It remained in the spirits of the artists, the public; every one of us took something unique from that night: lingering emotions, obscure imagery, slight physical distress, the sense of belonging. It was an intimate exploration of dub techno, an exchange of energy, be it either emotional and/or physical, between the artists and the public. EchoIsOne and Fundamentals showed us how music is an universal language, with it uniting two countries over an ocean away.

Tania Filipa: Graphism & Geometry

Interview with designer Tânia Filipa

This week we have something of a slightly different nature to offer you….We’ll be taking a look at the visual side of things with designer Tânia Filipa.  Tânia currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal, and although she has only been designing for a short period of time, her art has afforded her the opportunity of working for many familiar names in the Techno scene

REVIEW: Stardub_07_VA

Featuring: Round 7 of Stardub VA Series

The 7th release in the Stardub VA series exposes the talents of Lo-Dub, Sebastien Habben, both being no strangers to Star Dub Records, Adam Solomon, and a rather recent collaboration between CNTRL & Achieve.




As the nights come and go, we crave and lust for the moments we already lived; our future looks bleak but our past is recalled in the brightest lights. Ancient Future’s aim is to conceptualize our past and future simultaneously, provoking all spectrums of reflection in a multi-dimensional setting projected over a weekend. 



Building a name for themselves in Montreal’s local scene, we had a chance to sit down with record label/event platform NEUROMODULATION’s member J Saint Justin ahead of their pre-Halloween event INCISION. 

“Yes world, I don’t sleep,” J Saint Justin repeated loud and clear into the tape recorder. 

DASHA RUSH: Independent Techno


As the evening glow of the sunset enveloped Montreal's skyline, a steady crowd flowed in and out of the doors of Musée d'art Contemporian for the premiere of Dasha Rush's Antarctic Takt for MUTEK16. Bringing together ambience and self-discovery, Dasha drew the crowd into a hypnotized state of transcendence. As the message "THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING HERE" was relayed through visuals at the end of Antarctic Takt, a moment of reflection erupted from the audience as Dasha brought together unwinding textures and left us contemplating our future steps as humankind.

DEVIATING DUB: Upwellings - Dubbin' At the Strobe [Telrae]

Featuring: Telrae 028 - Upwellings - Dubbin´At The Strobe

Upwellings has a series of respectable dub explorations released on labels of various nature, from the netlabels Schall and Klique, to Moshitaka, Amplusens, the abandoned goldmine ZeECc, and recently on Telrae, Traum's dub branch. Going by the real name Vincent Raude, Upwellings is no foreigner to Telrae on which he debuted with his Zu Zürich Dubs EP last year.

GUNNAR HASLAM: Signal Processing

A Lesson in Particle Physics

In light of MUTEK 2015, we had the opportunity to sit down with New York based Gunnar Haslam, of L.I.E.S Records, to look at music from a physicists point of view. We covered everything between academics to production before he took the stage to perform his first ever live set at the MAC.

BOUNDARY: Breaking in MUTEK 2015


Specific to their ever-evolving artist line-up and intelligent push for electronic music, MUTEK opened it’s doors in full force on Wednesday May 25th 2015. In wake of their 16th edition, MUTEK remained true to it’s roots in pushing Canadian artists. Opening the festival alongside the likes of James Holden and Ten Walls in the main room of the elegant, white-walled Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Boundary set the stage to revive the art of listening and introspection behind electronic music production.

UNVEILED: MUTEK 16th Edition

Media Partner

These are the performances that make us eager... The promise that all sounds and attributes are personalized and unique to each artist... Well MUTEK is back at it with their 16th edition from May 27-31, 2015!

FILMS: Kvadrat (EN)

A Documentary on the Realities of Techno DJing

Director: © Anatoly IVANOV

A feature-length documentary, Kvadrat explores the realities of techno DJing, using the example of Andrey PUSHKAREV, a Russian DJ recognized worldwide. Filmed as a hybrid between a road-movie and a music video, the film not only illustrates the festive atmosphere of techno night clubs, but also reveals the lesser known side of this profession: weeks of track selection, lengthy travel, difficult schedule. The film suggests to reconsider the stereotype of a popular musician, to find out whether the artist is happy, to ponder what’s most important to him and his audience? Shot in Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania and Russia, the film omits the typical documentary elements: no interviews, no explanatory voice-over, no facts, no figures. The visuals and the techno music replace them, leaving the detailed interpretation to the viewer.


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