REVIEW: MORURCO EP - Variable Records

Featuring: first album coming out on the new Marc Milner’s Variable Records, EP by the Ecuadorian Chicaiza

El Morurco, on the southern face of Cotopaxi, formed thousands of years ago by underground currents of magma from the great Cotopaxi. Despite it faily infamous, it reaches 4,880 m, which create incredible landscapes during its approach and great emotions to reach. Its peak in an ascent that requires knowledge and climbing technique.

REVIEW: Silent Season SSX10

Featuring: Silent Season 10 Year Collection (2007-2017)

Silent Season has decided to release a decade long collection of deeper music, inspired by nature and ethereal sounds. This collection brought together artists from all over the world, exploring a rich palette of atmospheric and dub sounds. A collection to be enjoyed again and again.

REVIEW: R2P025 - Rue de Plaisance

Featuring: Gaffarel & Varoslav - Sco

RUE DE PLAISANCE RECORDS this time from the old city of light, with sounds from the future and ancient past is coming from space and hitting us with some straight up haze, very mental, fine beats some would say, projected from the astros with the power of the scorpion get ready for a 20min "voyage".

REVIEW: Tampere mood series vol 4

Featuring: Vuo Records

Vuo003 brings a delightful choice of Finnish dub sounds, encouraging the development of a harmonious connection to nature and one’s environment. An unique audio ecosystem which is long overdue for overseas migration.

REVIEW: Idealistmusic 08

Featuring: Go One's Way - Idealistmusic - Various Artists

Continuing the Idealistmusic release series, Go One’s Way delivers remarkably effective dub sounds with a pleasant spectrum of melodies and rhythms. It advances the themes of living and contemplating one’s life, pushing through the hardship, remaining grounded and mindful of the moment. To be experienced fully!

UNVEILED: MUTEK 18th Edition

First wave of artists

MUTEK Montreal Grows up and out for its 18th Edition. International festival celebrating digital creativity and electronic music. Enjoy six days of performances put on by local and international artists, both indoors and out, in multiple venues in the heart of Montréal.

Durocher in DUB

Review: ECHOisONE & Fundamentals presents Upwellings [Live] 20/01/17

This story never ended. It remained in the spirits of the artists, the public; every one of us took something unique from that night: lingering emotions, obscure imagery, slight physical distress, the sense of belonging. It was an intimate exploration of dub techno, an exchange of energy, be it either emotional and/or physical, between the artists and the public. EchoIsOne and Fundamentals showed us how music is an universal language, with it uniting two countries over an ocean away.

Tania Filipa: Graphism & Geometry

Interview with designer Tânia Filipa

This week we have something of a slightly different nature to offer you….We’ll be taking a look at the visual side of things with designer Tânia Filipa.  Tânia currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal, and although she has only been designing for a short period of time, her art has afforded her the opportunity of working for many familiar names in the Techno scene

REVIEW: Stardub_07_VA

Featuring: Round 7 of Stardub VA Series

The 7th release in the Stardub VA series exposes the talents of Lo-Dub, Sebastien Habben, both being no strangers to Star Dub Records, Adam Solomon, and a rather recent collaboration between CNTRL & Achieve.




As the nights come and go, we crave and lust for the moments we already lived; our future looks bleak but our past is recalled in the brightest lights. Ancient Future’s aim is to conceptualize our past and future simultaneously, provoking all spectrums of reflection in a multi-dimensional setting projected over a weekend. 



Building a name for themselves in Montreal’s local scene, we had a chance to sit down with record label/event platform NEUROMODULATION’s member J Saint Justin ahead of their pre-Halloween event INCISION. 

“Yes world, I don’t sleep,” J Saint Justin repeated loud and clear into the tape recorder. 

DASHA RUSH: Independent Techno


As the evening glow of the sunset enveloped Montreal's skyline, a steady crowd flowed in and out of the doors of Musée d'art Contemporian for the premiere of Dasha Rush's Antarctic Takt for MUTEK16. Bringing together ambience and self-discovery, Dasha drew the crowd into a hypnotized state of transcendence. As the message "THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING HERE" was relayed through visuals at the end of Antarctic Takt, a moment of reflection erupted from the audience as Dasha brought together unwinding textures and left us contemplating our future steps as humankind.

DEVIATING DUB: Upwellings - Dubbin' At the Strobe [Telrae]

Featuring: Telrae 028 - Upwellings - Dubbin´At The Strobe

Upwellings has a series of respectable dub explorations released on labels of various nature, from the netlabels Schall and Klique, to Moshitaka, Amplusens, the abandoned goldmine ZeECc, and recently on Telrae, Traum's dub branch. Going by the real name Vincent Raude, Upwellings is no foreigner to Telrae on which he debuted with his Zu Zürich Dubs EP last year.

GUNNAR HASLAM: Signal Processing

A Lesson in Particle Physics

In light of MUTEK 2015, we had the opportunity to sit down with New York based Gunnar Haslam, of L.I.E.S Records, to look at music from a physicists point of view. We covered everything between academics to production before he took the stage to perform his first ever live set at the MAC.

BOUNDARY: Breaking in MUTEK 2015


Specific to their ever-evolving artist line-up and intelligent push for electronic music, MUTEK opened it’s doors in full force on Wednesday May 25th 2015. In wake of their 16th edition, MUTEK remained true to it’s roots in pushing Canadian artists. Opening the festival alongside the likes of James Holden and Ten Walls in the main room of the elegant, white-walled Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Boundary set the stage to revive the art of listening and introspection behind electronic music production.

UNVEILED: MUTEK 16th Edition

Media Partner

These are the performances that make us eager... The promise that all sounds and attributes are personalized and unique to each artist... Well MUTEK is back at it with their 16th edition from May 27-31, 2015!

FILMS: Kvadrat (EN)

A Documentary on the Realities of Techno DJing

Director: © Anatoly IVANOV

A feature-length documentary, Kvadrat explores the realities of techno DJing, using the example of Andrey PUSHKAREV, a Russian DJ recognized worldwide. Filmed as a hybrid between a road-movie and a music video, the film not only illustrates the festive atmosphere of techno night clubs, but also reveals the lesser known side of this profession: weeks of track selection, lengthy travel, difficult schedule. The film suggests to reconsider the stereotype of a popular musician, to find out whether the artist is happy, to ponder what’s most important to him and his audience? Shot in Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania and Russia, the film omits the typical documentary elements: no interviews, no explanatory voice-over, no facts, no figures. The visuals and the techno music replace them, leaving the detailed interpretation to the viewer.

ANTON KUBIKOV: Clean and Pristine

Featuring: Anton Kubikov

Emerging in the scene in 1994, Anton Kubikov started cultivating his perspective on electronic music when club culture started it's development in Moscow. Kubikoov's name begun to take recognition as a popular figure in the city. Starting from his initial radio show, called "Station", this spot-light figure had over 50 releases on labels such as Kompakt, Force Tracks, Trapez, Salo, Traum and Freizeitglauben. Flash forward to 2005, when Anton started his own label - Pro-tez Recods - Kubikov has been working on developing a lifestyle engrossed by music production and presentation


"Patrimonial art history, with a touch of modernity."

We sat down with the organizers and founders of Collectif Nebulae ahead of their Qo #1 event to discover a little more about their passions. In a re-renovated garage, pushed to the outskirts of Rosemont metro's abandoned fields and warehouses, we walked into the middle of a spectacular art project. With lights hanging from ceilings and unfinished paintings scattering the walls, the crew of Nebulae was in full-force for their event the following night. Taking us on a tour of the hand-crafted venue, done by NoBassNoFun, we were taken aback by the amount of effort put into curating their set up.

CONSCIOUS LISTENING: To the Effects of Music Therapy

⟹ How to control your own brain waves using music

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Have you ever found yourself so moved by a melody, harmony or bass line that all exterior thoughts figuratively wash away with the currents? Whether it be techno, house, rock or hip hop, music is reliably accessible and an easy gateway to expressing emotions. An art form that speaks to such a vast range of emotions, the practice of music and therapy used simultaneously have had many successful rounds of response. Studying the effects of sound and music on our neurons and connecting those findings to a psychological vantage point for music therapy can be the answer to problems beyond our imagination.


Online Giveaway Contest

We're so excited that Livio & Roby are coming back to the city!!

So for this special occasion, we've teamed up with Livio & Roby and STEREO MONTREAL to offer our fans the chance to win (1) of our (2) free Stereo tickets or Premiesku's 12" Aproape EP + download code!

NEW YEAR: Turning Pages

Compiling 2014


With 2014 coming to a close and giving way to a new arbitrary chapter of our lives, we sit back and recollect all the moments that made us smile, laugh and cry. The sentimental emotions expressed during count-down open doors to a new palette on which to work.

In order to give thanks to a beautiful year passed, we took a moment to reflect on the times that moved us and compiled a short list of our favourite subjects surrounding the electronic music realm.

POSTED IN: Tunisia

Welcome to MAWU: Tribal Odyssey

In the heart of the Sahara, two days and two nights will be dedicated to create a bridge between ancestral ritualistic music installed in Tunisia since centuries and it's repercussions in contemporary electronic music.

ZEINA: Creative Spirit

Featuring: Zeina of HushLamb


Prior to her departure to Cairo, Egypt for the winter, we had the opportunity to sit down and grab a drink with Zeina, of the project label HushLamb, to get a fuller understanding of the woman behind the fierce minimal techno image.

CYCLE: New Beginnings

Featuring: Collectif Cycle Numérique

A techno legend that has been distant from the commercial realm for almost a decade, Steve Bicknell will be headlining a 12-hour New Year's Eve rave in the heart of Montreal. Veteran DJ of London's LOST parties, Steve Bicknell's name rolls off the tongues of the young and old, as his legend is deeply engrained in techno's history. Bicknell's LOST parties span the explosion of the British electronic music scene and Cycle 2015 will soon bring those moments to a dance floor near you.


Featuring: Werkstatt - After One Year

With the opening of local hot-spot, Werkstatt, came a movement from the underground electronic music community of Montreal. Within the heart of industrial Montreal, Werkstatt inadvertently offers a safe and secure location for DJ's and producers alike to forego their musical journey and continue to expand and practice their art. More than just a space, the loft complex's gritty, graffiti filled exterior is just as consuming as the single loft space under the alias of Werkstatt. Closely situated to a train-track and abandoned warehouse spaces, it has gained a reputation as an artistic-based loft space since it's official opening last year.

What is Underground?

Redefining Misinterpreted Vocabulary

“The mainstream comes at you, but you have to go underground.” – Frank Zappa

In order to fully comprehend the term underground, we must begin with a working definition of what it is part of mainstream culture. From there, we will be able to contrast the two elements. Mainstream concepts are those which are perceived as being the ‘norm’ or commonly accepted, whereas the term 'underground' can portray a different meaning to all of us.

GIEGLING: A Collective Mindset

Featuring: Kettenkarussell (Konstantin and Rafael)

Collaboration in art is a perplexing venture. The joint pursuit of a single work requires the artists, each with their own intrinsic visions, to set aside pride and form mutual respect in order to amalgamate differing viewpoints together. In the end, the partnership can yield stimulating experiences and powerful results. However, the road is fraught with dangers - the certainty of disagreement can lead to a swift divorce. The potential of collaboration can be positively exemplified by the German duo of Kettenkarussell. At a recent Psychic Driving event hosted by Paul Trafford, the two set the tone for the sweat drenched party by mystifying the crowd in turn, each relinquishing control of the decks to the other in unspoken unison directed only by their shared understanding of music.

TRAFFORD: Dreaming in Techno

Featuring: Paul Trafford

Imagine, an elderly woman sits quietly, cradling an unfinished sweater atop her lap while gently swaying back and forth in her rocking chair. Her knitting needles clip each other at the tips at regular intervals; their sharp clicks accent the squeaks and squeals from the cracked floorboards below, imbuing the otherwise muted room with life. With great ease, she weaves two strands of yarn together, looping one over the other ad nauseam. Engrossed by her craft, her thoughts become lost to the perpetual motion of her tools.

LAUNCH: First Steps

Official ECHOisONE Launch Video

Launching the platform of EchoIsOne was an unnerving task, as there was uncertainty about whether the growing independent scene of Montreal needed a new member or not. Putting together our first podcasts and writing from our hearts were some of the simpler steps. The most nerve racking part of this whole trip was the stomach turning prior to the launch party… "Whose going to show up? Are people actually interested in our work? What if it goes to disarray?" These are the questions we've learned to expel from our hearts, as they will do nothing but bring us down. The keys to our success came from believing and not pushing content we didn't truly love. And with this came a mind blowing first event!

DEADBEAT: Music of the People

Featuring: Deadbeat

With a history and personal attachment to the city, Deadbeat continually promises to welcome the crowd with a familiar touch. After an enthralling and eclectic live set at Stereobar, he didn't miss the chance to enlighten us with tales of the city's past, present and future.

LIVIO & ROBY: Beyond Suppression

Featuring: Livio & Roby

From the little mountain towns of Romania, they've made it across Europe and through the states and provinces of the Americas. Livio and Roby have been gaining a worldwide reputation for their unique spin on house and techno for the past decade. As their Romanian culture made the biggest impact on their sound, we took the time to discuss such roots with the duo at the end of their set at Montreal's infamous StereoBar.

Welcome to Independence

A Glance at the DIY Scene

At some point, it began to feel as though my passion for underground dance music was just a fad. There was a paradigm shift within the clubs, the crowd and the music being hosted in the city. The excitement began to wear away as the months seemed to pass on by. By chance, I was convinced to head more east than usual to a space called Nomad. As we scurried out of the cab into the cold winter air, we were greeted by two extremely personable bouncers that guided us through a slight set of stairs leading into an awe-inspiring office/loft space. With a dozen desks and filing cabinets pushed to the back and groups of dancers crowding the emptied space, a dance floor was created with such ease. The minimal techno and pairing visuals created an atmosphere that would've drawn any dance music fan in. Impeccable organization without the necessity of a club's stringent surroundings brought together made this club kid realize that there are so many undiscovered parts to this city

MASSYL: Gracefully, Without Regrets

Featuring: Massyl Tamzali

After another day on the job, Massyl leaps away from the glass gates of his workplace, fresh faced and upbeat, onto the intersection adjacent Laurier Metro. It is quarter past eight, and after a whirlwind weekend, having mixed at three separate shows, he quickly purchases a beer and heads to Parc Laurier to get his brain picked at. All with an innocent grin spread wide across his face.



Over the past two years, I've been somewhat obsessed with watching Boiler Room and other live streams. While some people prefer to watch movies in their free time, I watch and re-watch my favourite DJs getting boiled or playing somewhere new. Over time, there are things you pick up on depending on the DJ or the city being showcased. The most noticeable of these is the crowd; the people, their energy, and of course, their interaction with the camera.

ABOUT: Behind the Scenes


We are a team. We are a collective. We are a movement.

We believe that all of our actions create energy -- even our thoughts. This energy goes “somewhere” but it doesn’t disappear; it stays and influences your life in the grand scheme of things. This is what we refer to as the ECHO. Through the finest and grooviest underground electronic music, we want to generate good energy, continually offering quality music and well-organized events. Our podcast series reflects the finest music around the globe that we could suggest for your ears. Join us and help us spread the ECHO of positive vibrations and frequencies that we love. We want to help preserve the beautiful culture of the underground and join people together to enjoy the music.



Dance music holds a firm grasp on the current adolescent generation for various reasons. These include but are not limited to a love for music, dancing, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends and the simple joy of a fun night out. But is it too much to ask of clubbers to act with dignity and consideration towards others?


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