Tm Shuffle comes from the forests of middle-Finland. His passion for music started in early 90's and his record collection and musical vision has grown since those times. His sound; deep, dubby, energetic techno that feels like house or house that feels like techno (but heavens no tech-house) is a sum of all those felt bassdrum kicks, which have been plenty. He is also ½ of Shuffless but that is a different story.

Majority of the time he has stayed in the shadows, far from the spotlights. Partly that has been by choice, partly as a consequence of a few longer breaks from music. But now, his own label Vuo records, active music production and his long-marinated vision of music are ready to bring him more to the stage. But not in the spotlights since they are always turned off on gigs. The music itself is in the center.

 12" cuts so far:

Artist on 44170 EP, Vuo records (2003)

Kuivaamo dub on Tampere mood Series vol4, Vuo records (2017)

Yyteri dub on Stardub VA008, Stardub (2017)

Ruutana by Night EP on Mouche (2017)

+remixes + Shuffless music


Tm Shuffle

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