We are very happy to be back with the podcast series.

For this Edition 77th we invited Andrea Cichecki (1/2 Catoune) from Berlin.
Enjoy her mix!


Andrea can be best described as a multitalented aural storyteller. She produces her own compositions using a homebuilt analog modular system. At the moment she records and produces her songs in a hybrid way, combining rare hardware devices with software, field recordings and analogue instruments.
Her own studio is located in the very heart of Berlin, where she explores the depths of rhythm, melody arrangement and psychoacoustics. All the essential elements to entrance your ears and brain. Her sound can be best described as abyssal and groove driven. When on stage she enjoys teasing the audience and gets under their skin.
Being a discerning vinyl connaisseur, Andrea's distinctive taste in music and passionate enthusiasm will always bring you the most extraordinary sounds, leading the listener's mind to unexpected twists. She is well-known for her long sets at Berlin's Club der Visionaere.


Andrea Cichecki

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Yaku Romoleroux

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Jhota Gomez


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