When you talk about pieces of art, you can talk about Akatana, a French Dj and producer based in Berlin who has released for important labels such as the Canadian imprint Archipel, the magnificent Pluie/Noir from Lisbon, Sleep Is Commercial from Berlin and Echoes from Brussels.

Enjoy this beautiful LIVE set plenty of unreleased tracks. You can travel around the world and even space just with listening to this mix, Akatana uses beautiful spiritual and soul chants, futuristic voices and instrumental sounds coming from different cultures. You can appreciate this storytelling going from the most ambient and experimental soundscapes to very powerfull techno bass lines.

Thanks to Ombossa, Leiris, Soom, Liliya, Aki, Rhomi, Damien K Sahri, Benoit and many more talented friends and artists for sharing beautiful energy, inspiration and contribution.

Equipment used for this live: Drum Elektron machine, Korg Ms20, Access virus , a lot of field recordings / soundscapes with Zoom H1



Cover photo credits:

Margaux Reviron

Cover Art Design:

Tania Filipa

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