We have the opportunity to continue 2017 music journey with Frank Hellmond from Germany. Founder of label "Dreiton netlabel", that features music from ambient / electronica to dub techno and deephouse

His hour session is composed by dubby and groovy tracks with relaxed summer vibes.

You can check out our interview with Frank Hellmond as well as more information about him and his music.



Ravensburg is a small village 17km north of Lake Constance. For Frank Hellmond this is the right place to create his deep and dubby tech-house sound.

He started making music with Dieter Krause of Hidden Recordings in 2001. Their first project was called laplaceausoleil. Since 2008 he also forces his solo career under his given name. He has released several records on labels such as Eintakt, Plong or Sinergy Networks.

In 2006 he founded with Giovanni Proietto and Antonio Bruno the Dreiton netlabel for music from ambient / electronica to dub techno and deephouse. The 30th release of the netlabel was celebrated at the end of 2013.

Frank Hellmond joined our Etui camp in 2012. His track “Sunday” has been released on our first Etui Winter Camp compilation. Furthermore his track "True Lines" is part of our ETUILTD005 VA "Translucent Tracks".


  1. Frank Sebastian - Towards Distance

  2. Doyeq – Yellow Day

  3. Federsen - Murmer

  4. Nvelope – Tribute – Frank Hellmond RMX

  5. Terry Lee Brown – Innocent – BD Tom RMX

  6. Frank Hellmond – Belief

  7. Deadbeat - Rage Against the Light

  8. Schulz Audio– Eff Year Brutalism

  9. Youandewan – Alone in Berlin

  10. Less feat. Gjaezon – House Heroes – Frank Hellmond RMX


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