Up next in the ECHOisONE podcast series for the 61st edition, Adil Hiani founder of Cosmo Records.

Adil has prepared a beautiful mix including great unreleased gems, be ready for a fully fledge take over ;)

Adil is a Moroccan dj & producer, raised in Casablanca and being introduced to music culture since an early age. He has been on a mission to unite the sounds of Western electronics with the traditional folk music of his homeland since the launch of his label Cosmo Records where artists such as San Proper, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont, Cesar Merveille and many more have brought the magic of their productions to the project.

 2015 - 15 minutes random moments featuring Masomenos, San Proper, Argenis Brito, Vadim Svoboda, Adil Hiani, Pier Bucci, RADIQ, Sonja Moonear, Dandy Jack & more music label desiring to create touch points between Western, West-African and Oriental music.


Adil Hiani (Cosmo Records)

Cover photo credits:

Margaux Reviron

Cover Art Design:

Tania Filipa

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