For this new edition of the podcast series we have the pleasure to present  Just_Me a music lover based in Berlin who has made his own way running his new imprint Druzhba since almost one year now. Enjoy!



  1. Hello, thanks for recording this mix for us. What feeling did you want to share in this mix?

Hello! This mix was recorded at my home studio. I have included upcoming music received from friends/labels as well as recently purchased records. The idea was to show as much of my current musical preferences as possible in one mix.

2) You were a teenager when you first fell in love with electronic music and your career took off fairly fast. What was it that initially drew you into the  electronic music scene ?

It all started with attending events when I was 16. Some of my first ones included seeing the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Desyn Masiello, John Digweed and Matthew Dekay amongst a few. I started playing music during my university years in the UK.

Following my degree I went on to study music production at SAE London.

3) Reading up on you, I found that in your early years of your career one of the styles of electronica commonly used in reference to your work is 90’s UK garage. What is it you enjoy about this time period and music genre? Any favorite producers?

After spending a large part of my teenage years in the UK it was only natural I would come across the genre. Unfortunately I was too young to experience it at its height.

Some of my favourite garage producers would include Antonio, Scott Garcia and DEM2.

Also most of the early “Ice Cream Records” and “Locked On” output is great.

4) How have you seen your development since the beginning?

I believe my career has is developing at a steady pace. So far every year has been better than the previous one in professional aspects. Of course I was lucky enough to have met great people from the industry along the way that helped my development and eventually became good friends. Furthermore, spending time living in a musically diverse country as the UK has also contributed to the expanding and shaping of my musical taste.

5) What would you say has been the greatest advantage to you as an artist who is able to work out of a city the likes of Berlin?

Actually it would be hard to only list one advantage here. Living in Berlin for an artist is great as the city has a vibrant music scene and most of the people in it are quite open, making networking easy. Berlin also has a great deal of record stores which makes music easily accessible for both DJ’s and music followers. You can also travel to pretty much anywhere in Europe easily for short periods of time.

6) Please tell us a little bit about your label Druzhba.  What influenced and inspired you to start this project? What can you tell us about the releases you have lined up for the near future?

Druzhba is a project I have started with a good friend of mine in 2016. The project is partially (visually) inspired by the 80’s period of soviet modern art in the Eastern Bloc of Europe. The actual word means “friendship” in a few Eastern European languages. We aim to put out music we personally associate with, rather than following specific trends. Not all the music on the label is strictly dance floor oriented but we feel strongly about each track we put out. I guess it is worth mentioning that it is a vinyl only label with a limited number of copies per release.

Currently we are finalizing a various artist’s release, which will be announced in due course.

7) What direction do you see your music moving in and where do you see yourself headed artistically?

I am planning to continue exploring the production aspect, modular synthesis as well as expanding my studio setup. Release wise there are a few records coming out later this year which I am excited about. I will also be focusing on my second artist alias.

8) What have been the most exciting records for you so far this year?

It would be hard to select specific ones as I really think there is a great deal of strong electronic music being currently released.

Outside the dance music genre I am really feeling the new Jamiroquai album!



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Tania Filipa

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