Summer is just around the corner and the podcast series continues with the 57th edition. This time we welcome Matt Star label owner at Star Dub . He delivered to us an exclusive mix with some unreleased material and other gems that already saw the light


  1. By way of introduction, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

My name is Matthias Schildger. I'm a musician, dj, and record collector since many years, working under various pseudonyms (Star_Dub, Matt Star, Yam Yam, M.S. and many more which I don't want to mention here). My first release came out in 2006 but producing music since the early 2000s. My life is surrounded by music since my childhood. I do a record shop (mainrecords) and running several Labels with my brother. My Roots are in electronic music from the 80s & 90s.

2. The volume 07 of your Star Dub V.A series was released recently. How would you sum up the label to those who have never heard of Star Dub before?

Stardub or Star_Dub was started mainly as a project label for my own dub productions, I did that dub stuff since a while but no label  reacted in a positive way on the demos I sent around, so my brother and me decided to do a own label with those tracks.

It became in short time well known and we received shortly after that loads of demos from talented producers all over the world. It was just a logical step to build up a sub label / series for those tracks. Stardub stands not directly for DUB Music, it can be more minimal or techno but always has to have some ingredients of "real" dub music.


3. Matt, you've been operating the label for 4 years now. What was the thinking when you started the label?

As mentioned above there was just the intention behind to release my own dub music which other labels didn't want to bring out, we just wanted to have it on vinyl, no high sales or so expected. Normally we wanted to keep it as a small series for own stuff and didn't expect to operate it in that way until today.


4. Tell us a bit about your creative process when creating your own music. When working on new material, do you start with a concept or focal point?

It depends on, sometimes I go into the studio and just let it flow and at the end there's a result. Sometimes you have a n idea in mind and go with that into the studio. But mostly I prefer to just let it flow and check afterwards the result


5.  Can you name 2 crucial vst’s that always find their way into your production?

I'm working mostly with hardware like Modular System, samplers, waldorf rocket, electribe + various other drum computers, delay / reverbs, etc. If I have to pick a favourite VST I would say the TAL dub is a necessary tool for my dub productions


6. Are there any big plans in the future for another Star Dub EP?

Well, I work on my 2nd Album under the Stardub moniker, not sure if it will be out this year but it's in progress, and there's coming a new STARDUB#15 + a Remix for Ark to Ashes for a reissue of an old classic.


7. Where there any other events or major moments of inspiration that played a pivotal role in your introduction or education of electronic music?

The major role in my musical education was and is my brother (he bought me my first turntables, synths, records, etc) and also showed me loads of crazy music in the past. I share also today everything related in music with him.

Same with my uncle who gave to me my first tape with a set of Sven Väth playing on a festival. And last but not least the RADIO (I was very young when started listening to electronic music so I spent hours and hours each weekend in front of the radio to record tapes with sets of djs, as I was not allowed to stay in clubs)


8. What can you tell us about the mix you put together for us?

The Mix is the latest stardub outings (stardub#14, stardub_07_va, stardub_06va)) + my own favourites like stardub#01 and other older ones which I still love and play regularly...


9. Do you have any final words for our readers?

Stay true to yourself. And stay clean ;)



Matt Star aka Star Dub

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