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REVIEW: MORURCO EP - Variable Records

Featuring: first album coming out on the new Marc Milner’s Variable Records, EP by the Ecuadorian Chicaiza

El Morurco, on the southern face of Cotopaxi, formed thousands of years ago by underground currents of magma from the great Cotopaxi. Despite it faily infamous, it reaches 4,880 m, which create incredible landscapes during its approach and great emotions to reach. Its peak in an ascent that requires knowledge and climbing technique.

REVIEW: Silent Season SSX10

Featuring: Silent Season 10 Year Collection (2007-2017)

Silent Season has decided to release a decade long collection of deeper music, inspired by nature and ethereal sounds. This collection brought together artists from all over the world, exploring a rich palette of atmospheric and dub sounds. A collection to be enjoyed again and again.